At the moment the asexual “community” is represented by a series of forums.

Here is a list of some the known forums. Reviews will be posted in the very near future, and linked here, but for the time being, its just a list with a Brief description.

AS-NS.NET Forum. This is our own rather irreverent forum. Probably not for the faint hearted. We tend not to take things too seriously and our rules are very relaxed compared to many other places. We tend not to discipline people when they step out of line, rather talk to them and sort issues out amicably.

AVEN  “Asexual Visibility and Education Network”. This is probably the largest forum and community, and a good place for many to start out.

Ace-Book This is mostly known for being an asexual dating site, but it does have a forum. It has to be said that the people on it are great, but the platform is really clunky.

A Positive This is a smaller community site, and quite welcoming.

AVEN has a larger list, HERE though we need to check them out, and do something of a web survey to get a more accurate list. If you know of any where please get in touch.