Spotlight on the Team

Ed – founder/writer/Editor-in-Chief

Ed is usually to be found posting as LordGrep on, a site he himself created in reaction to issues with AVEN’s stances on a number of topics and which has become something of a safe space for those who feel unable to express themselves on AVEN.

Ed is known to be fond of magic, sewing, 3D printing, building and making things, and “arty stuff.” A music enthusiast, in a previous life Ed ran a popular AVEN thread showcasing his mixes.

Ed does not like to be thought of as the leader of the sites he has founded – his kind of leader never does – but it can not be denied that there was a definite slump in Ace Times activity during his absence from the internet.

Ed has been working tirelessly on the sites for some time now, only recently recruiting backup, but he still finds time in his busy schedule to stop by AVEN now and then and try to stir up a soupçon of strife. All work and no play, and all that. 😉

Sock Prince – writer/site manager

An artistic and energetic person, Sock Prince somehow finds the time and motivation for a raft of creative and crafty pursuits beyond the realms of the Ace Times. When not drawing, singing, sewing, painting, graphic designing, writing, playing music or doing one of about a million other things, our multi-talented resident Sock Royal can be found on operating under the name of Mallow and is also a sometime AVEN-user.

Originally joining the Ace Times project as the fourth member of the team and third writer, Their Highness the Prince of Socks has recently turned their drive and passion towards a more managerial role, keeping the rest of us motivated and pitching ideas for other writers to take on.

During the absence of Grep, Their Princeliness set up the back-up site Ace Times 2.0, to continue the work begun here. Among the articles written during this time was the appreciation piece for Grep as a nice surprise for his return and Sock Prince has expressed an interest in creating more of this sort of post in future, so if you want your five minutes of fame, you know who you need to impress.

The Prince of Sockness says that being on the asexual spectrum means “a lot of thinking”and that the main conclusion of said cogitation is that they want to steer clear of any allosexual relationships. The sexual community’s loss is Ace Times’ gain as the readers and especially we the contributors benefit from Sock Prince’s enthusiasm and most of all their friendship.

Songchick – writer.

Songchick, also known as Violachick on AS-NS, joined AVEN back in April 2010. (A lot longer than most of us if not the longest)

After an invitation from LordGrep, she joined are team in June and as a freelance writer, believes she can contribute blog posts and pieces about asexuality (a topic she is greatly interested in and identifies with it on some level)

She comments “I love the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).  I work as a mental health advocate, and am starting a Masters in Social Work degree in the fall.  I’m also a classically trained violist and singer/songwriter.”

Ruru – writer/meme queen.

Sept 2016 was when Ruru (Ruru+Saphhy=Garnet) joined AVEN, 5 months later she discovered AS-NS and had a blast posting (probably the largest meme I’ve ever encountered) 50 shades of Grumpy Cat, which is well…. it’s better you read it than i explain it.

She comments “Lord Grep invited me, and out of my support for his website, I decided to join! I’m asexual. Being ace means I’m apart of a pretty cool community of folks.”

She spends her free time reading (mostly) non fiction books and loves learning about different and new things.

Pramana – writer.

Pramana is one of our newest additions, joining Ace Times in June 2017. When asked his reason for joining, his reply was “I have a lot of fun reading and writing about asexuality. And with Ace Times, I have the opportunity to contribute to a larger conversation.”

Pramana has done several amazing articles on asexuality and definitions, he hopes to cover society and culture issues relevant to asexuals and maybe even work on some satirical/humorous content.

It’s a common theme for the Ace Times team members to be on the asexual spectrum but Pramana is also on the aromantic spectrum. He comments: “It means that forming relationships is more difficult, but it’s also the opportunity to participate in this fascinating community.”

Pramana loves exploring new cities, eating food, drinking wine, and watching live action Japanese films. If you see anything signed with the initials H.F.P, that might just be Pramana’s work.

Dan – Copy Editor.

Dan, also known as Diamond Ace of Hearts and DAoH, has been a member on AVEN since February 2017. Like most of us, AS-NS and Ace Times was a secondary discovery to AVEN, he has been doing a great job organising this article, grammar checking and just being a great contributor in general.

He’s the first Grammar Nazi to be recruited on Ace Times, that was back in March 2017, he comments:
“The project was interesting and I like proofreading/copy editing. I also like to write but can’t see myself writing anything for Ace Times just yet. I’m here to improve my skills and help asexual visibility if I can. Apparently I provide political balance too.”

He likes the colour purple (the colour, not the book, but maybe he does like the book too as he does like reading…. I’ll have to confirm this at a later date) and has an interest in philosophy, which shows if you get to have a proper conversation with him. He has such a unique way of explaining the world, I do think it a shame that his main thing is grammar checking instead of writing here.

Also like a lot of us, it’s his asexuality that brought Dan here and he is happy for his discovery of communities such as AVEN and AS-NS. Having encountered several road bumps due to struggling to understand his orientation before, visibility is something he values dearly – with it, others struggles may be reduced.

“As the resident grammarphile I’ll be working on anything and everything and that’s fine. I hope to help people express themselves clearly and really get their ideas and views across.” ~Dan