This is the story about the very shitty actions of Pramana, and Kazka, and how they tried to bring down AS-NS because of jealousy?

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Asexuality: Society and Culture

It’s Pride season. What used to be a one day event has stretched into a week, and now the entire month of June is dedicated to LGBTQ celebrations. As the event has grown, so has…

Refining Definitions

I started this series of articles on the definition of asexuality by arguing that the phenomenon is more diverse than other sexual orientations. In order to capture that diversity, a more abstract philosophical definition is…

Asexual community gets a new resource.

Today the asexual community gets its own news outlet. as-ns (Asexual News) is a growing project with a vision to bring a central and independent resource to asexuals. We aim to bring our readers balanced and…