HAPY BIRF DAY Diamund ay’s ov hartz.

Hapy berf dey to diemund !!!! & OTHER NEWS. All of us here at Ace Times wish our amazing Englishificationist, who makes sure all our stories end up being as true to how English should…

Appreciate All the Greps!!!!

Ace Times 2.0: Lord Grep, the great ruler of Greptopia, joined AVEN in November of 2016. Since then he’s been very active in threads such as the banning game and the massive wtf corner….

GOOD NEWS!!! AVEN is Fixed!

Popular asexual website and forum AVEN experienced sporadic outages from March 21st to March  22nd. All has been well since. The GOOD NEWS!!!! Is that it should be just fine for a good while to come….

The Definition of Asexuality.

The repercussions of that now infamous AVEN BoD (Board of Directors) message to the users continues. Perhaps that is a little disingenuous, as the debate about how one defines asexuality has been going on it…

Someone on YouTube got Asexuality RIGHT?

So possibly you are thinking “Why is this news?” If this is the case, then you have not watched many YouTube videos about asexuality. If you have then you are probably just sitting there waiting for the “But”.