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More 50 shades of grumpy.

I should apologise to the one and only @ruru for the delay in getting this to press, but busyness and the like meh.. Sorry.. A little while ago @ruru made a special 50shades for Ace…

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1500 Shades of Grumpy Cat

We have featured Ruru’s amazing creation before here on Ace Times, and we love it so much we will be giving her, her own section on the revamped site.

My Vist to RAF AVEN…

My Trip to the secret base (Just off the A422 just outside of Astwood, Bedfordshire) was exciting to say the least.

People on AVEN are REAL!

While searching for amusing or newsworthy things today, I came across something that is pretty innovative, and quite spooky.

Ruru Does it again!

If you have been hiding under a rock, then you might be new to the silly end of AVEN, and the “Banning Game” thread. Well, let me explain. The banning game has been going for…

Ruru & The Best meme stories ANYWHERE!!

This is something that I get the feeling we will be seeing a lot of. @Ruru is an amazing person, and came out with some brilliant meme stories involving Grumpy cat. It sounds daft, but…