The first Ace Times awards.

It’s here, the first annual Ace Times awards. We have started nominations on various sites and we are looking forward to see who gets their name in the hat.

The prize for this year will be a trophy for the winners, and a years free subscription to Ace Times, and also a private forum on AS-NS.

We have started nominations on the forums that matter, and with a bit of luck in the next week or so we will be able to start voting…

Things here at AT HQ we are biting our nails with anticipation, and with categories like “Funniest thing on AVEN” we are hoping we don’t have to give the award to the pet gerbil.

  • The categories we have so far are:Best AVEN moderator.
  • Best AVEN contributor. :
  • Best AVEN thread.
  • Best AVEN post.
  • Funniest thing on AVEN.
  • Best definition of asexuality.Best online news site ( I wonder who this will go to )?
  • Best ACE forum. (This is a tricky one).
  • Best drama of the year.
  • Best AS-NS poster of the year.
  • Worst moderator decision of the year.  (You will need to vote for this one on AS-NS as it might upset those on AVEN).
  • Best triangle of the year.

If you have any other ideas for categories, then please use the AS-NS thread HERE or the AVEN thread HERE.

Thanks for reading, and remember if it’s happening, and it’s worth knowing about you will find it here first* .



*Unless you found it somewhere else first.

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