AVEN Finally debates Asexuality…

Yup avid AT fans, it’s true…Not since the exit earlier in the year of the much loved and much missed Mysticus Insanus (Story on that HERE) has AVEN had a hotbox debate on the definition of asexuality.

The question that kicked it off was a ballsy one for sure:

Ricecream-man wrote:
It’s been a while since I’ve been on Aven but have we come to a consensus on the whole “sexual” aces thing yet?

I don’t mean aces who have/have had sex but rather the ones who want/seek out sex and sexual activity.

I remember there being a lot of debate on it a couple years back and was wondering if anything ever came of it

Tentatively the good people of AVEN started to poke at their keyboards not knowing if by doing so they would receive in a weeks time one of those god awful bans for daring to say what is and what is not asexuality. We have had our own study of studies @pramana write at great length on this very topic some time ago, however it appears he has changed his opinion some what. (To be honest I am not sure what he things himself at the moment, he’s in the middle of writing something special, something we await with baited breath).

What is cleat is there is as usual as many ideas on the subject as there are people.

The conversation is actually a good read on it’s own, and really gives a decent overview of not only the issues surrounding the definitions, but peoples reactions to the idea of “Sex-favourable Asexuality”. Now if your reaction to hearing that phrase was “Oh now they have gone too far”. You share the opinion of the rest of the AT office.

We would advise a degree of caution when reading anything from the Hot Box section of AVEN, as it is treated as something of an argumentative wrestling ring. But at least a topic that has something to do with asexuality is being discussed and not the morality of cartoon characters (No really that was the last “Hot Topic”).

To catch up on the fun, and Keyboard Karate, the thread in question is HERE.

If you really are interested in the morality of a cartoon character then HERE would be the spot.

If you would like to discuss this, anything else, or talk to the AT team without risking a ban, we all hang out at AS-NS

Oh and if you are thinking it has been a long time since we saw anything of Ace Times, then you haven’t missed much.. The place has been quiet for a while but we are back with attitude…

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