More 50 shades of grumpy.

I should apologise to the one and only @ruru for the delay in getting this to press, but busyness and the like meh.. Sorry..

A little while ago @ruru made a special 50shades for Ace Times, Those of you who don’t know what 50shades of Grumpy cat are REALLY need to check it out over at AS-NS… These stories are just so so funny, and will eat up days of your life when you get in to it. I really want to see a feature film version.

Without further ado.. Here it is..

My name is Ruru! I am the Creator of the 50 Shades of Grumpy Cat series! It is nice to meet you all.
I am a woman with a love for memes lol. I love learning new things, making people laugh (even if my jokes are cringey) and making others happy.

I really like it here on I feel like I can let my hair down over here. Aven is a great place, but it is a very strict place. Over here at, things are pretty good. A lot more relaxed.

As you may know, I love posting meme stories!

On Aven, I would clutter up threads with random meme stories, threads like “The banning game”.
I mainly did them out of boredom. Lord Grep came across them and really liked them. He encouraged me to create the 50 Shades of Grumpy Cat series here on  I appreciate him and all those who take a few minutes to look through the stories I have made.

You may want to hear more what 50 Shades of Grumpy cat is all about.
50 Shades of Grumpy cat….is basically about the random life of Grumpy cat and her rivalry with Lil bub.
In the beginning, Grumpy cat had a love affair with bub, only to realise she was tricked by Bub. Bub wants to be the queen of ultimate memeship, and hates that Grumpy cat is far more popular in terms of memes. It is bub mission to destroy Grumpy cat and become Number one in memes. The whole story….is full of randomness. Grumpy cat also has three children which she despises. At this point in the story, Grumpy Cat is a substitute teacher to one of her son’s classroom. Her son’s behavior has been suspicious, and the principal of the highschool is taking matters into her own hands.

You may want to learn something about the characters. I will give brief descriptions of the three main characters.

Grumpy cat is the star,of course. She is narcissistic, rude, selfish, and is a former gang member. She says what is on her mind, regardless of how cruel it is. She believes she is an actual goddess and can’t seem to understand why atheist don’t believe in her. She is a horrible mother.

Lil bub is Grumpy cat’s worst enemy. Her hatred of Grumpy cat is very obsessive and causes her mental stress. Bub is very sneaky and tries to figure out ways to defeat Grumpy cat. Her jealousy of Grumpy cat drives her insane.

Pokey….is something else. Pokey is also a former gang member, though he isn’t from the same gang as his sister. Pokey is Lil Bub’s fiancé. He loves Bub regardless of her insanity. Grumpy cat can’t stand her brother. She hates the fact he is engaged to Lil Bub. He has eight kittens with Lil Bub. Pokey is a very chilled out cat…though he is a bit of a pervert. He also has a possible daughter with another character.

I give my characters random personalities. All the randomness in these stories I type out is inspired by Family Guy.
Now for those interested in reading this story….

…50 Shades of Grumpy cat isn’t for those who are sex repulsed. 50 Shades of Grumpy cat is over the top, and isn’t for those who want a normal, wholesome story. This story is definitely for those who are eighteen and up.

I really enjoy making these stories knowing that some people like them! I want to thank Lord Grep for inviting me to and letting me type this series. I want to thank all those who read my stories.

Thank you for reading what I have typed. And I hope you can enjoy the 50 Shades of Grumpy cat series.

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