Lord Grep’s Sunday Supplement. (ok Monday) Election Special.

I would like to say that I waited for today to write this because of the election, in truth I just slept a lot yesterday.. Any way…

There are not many subjects on my radar this week. So lets get down to it.

Toffington, or Tofu the wonder god of AVEN or what ever he is calling himself at the moment WON… Yeah He did it. He WON… All of the staff at Ace Times are over the moon, (well almost).

I really didn’t think it would happen. I had my doubts that AVEN would let him win. I really thought they would pull something out of the hat that would prevent him taking his position. After all this has been a huge election with as far as we can tell the most votes cast in any election so far.

I think he will do AVEN proud. I have known him for a while, in fact he was the first person I ever talked to on AVEN, so he has a special place in my heart. I know he will do a fantastic job, as he takes things seriously, and is a fast learner, and takes genuine criticism really well.

But AVEN would not be AVEN without any drama, and BOY have we got some. Seems Maya didn’t take her loss too well.. Not at all. If you fancy seeing what someone ejecting their toys from a pram on AVEN looks like, get a load of THIS train wreck of a thread.

I would like to draw your attention to one of my posts on this thread HERE  as I want it to be known that what Toffington is accused of here is simply not true.

Over at my home site AS-NS, we have made something of a strange decision. We have decided to drop the rule that means that AVEN staff cannot be AS-NS voters.. Yup our Toffington means that much to us.

So what else has been going on? I am sure me gushing about Toffington can only be interesting for so long, and I am guessing that was for you about 5 paragraphs back.

AS-NS has been quiet for the week, though over the last few days there has been an influx of newbies, we have also actioned some cosmetic changes, OH and the whole “FUS” thing we reported on earlier in the week, well, that was a joke. One that took us a while to do. We removed all the “bad” stuff, and replaces it with threads and threads of cute bunnies, and kittens, and puppies. In truth it has a serious point though. We decided to just scrap having a back room where people could say what they wanted about AVEN members, and just leave our opinions to private conversations, that way we hope people will stop trying to infiltrate our site to get at the back room, and then screen capture things to try and make our site out to be something it is not.

At the moment there are a couple of votes going on (on AS-NS), We are thinking about making “Unsafe Space” Opt in. That way we won’t risk upsetting anyone. Basically we are doing our best to create an environment where people can say what they want, but without upsetting people. It is a difficult balance. We know we will always have our detractors, but at the end of the day we are doing all we can in order to keep the peace, and keep our freedom.

Oh and in personal news. I have myself a girlfriend. Yup, For the first time in 7 years someone said they loved me, and meant it. We have not yet met, but we have been in touch for months. I am besotted with the lass, and well, I know she likes me just as much. I would tell you all who she is, but she might get cross with me. Maybe I will ask her if I can tell you, and let you know next week.

Did I mention my nudge? Yeah I got a nudge on AVEN for something that AVEN doesn’t seem to think broke the ToS.. Yup I am a special case. I get disciplinary action for things I nearly do.  You can read all about it HERE, In a thread about the point of AVEN’s “Hot Box”.

AVEN’s “Hot Box” is supposed to be a place where one can discuss difficult subjects, and debate, but it is becoming more and more of a mine field. It seems that the moderators just don’t understand the idea that people generalise and discuss things in a heated manner. Personally I think AS-NS is perfect for this type of discussion, but it seems that many of those on AVEN just want to provoke people in order to try and get them banned.

Yup it’s a game I call “Bait for the Ban”. There is a group of people that will start debates, and say things not because they want to discuss something, it is so that someone will say something that they can then report you for. It is such a childish game, and I really think AVEN should do something to address this, but I won’t hold my breath, AVEN just LOVES handing our warnings, I have never come across a site like it.

Any way… I think I should stop right here… If you have anything you think I should write about, or a thread I should see, just drop me a line on AS-NS…

Have a great week people.. And Well done Toffington.

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