AS-NS To Make Their FUS Public.

Is AS-NS about to make a big mistake, or solve a big problem?

According to AS-NS’s “GOD” User (Not to be confused with AVENs G0D), AS-NS will be making it’s most controversial hidden category public this weekend.

AS-NS’s Lord Grep told us “We are just sick and tired of AVEN members derailing our forum by pretending to be friendly for a couple of weeks in order to gain access to our back room, and then taking screen captures, out of context, and sharing it in AVENs back room as proof that AS-NS is a hate site.

So far there have been more than five separate occasions where we have been infiltrated, and it just derails the whole forum, and makes the users mistrustful of new members, and that is just not what we want. We want people to be active on the forum for one reason only, and that is that they want to be there, not to try and bring us down”.

Apparently the whole of the “Fucking Unsafe Space”, the back room of AS-NS, and also a place of freedom will be made publicly visible some time on Saturday or Sunday. We will let you know as soon as it is visible, and also our opinion of it’s content.

There is a worry that making things public could mean that AVEN blocks links to the site, as it will view it as a “hate site”, but they are hoping that transparency will make AVEN less worried about AS-NS, as everything will be in context. We will see…


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