Voting Has Started…

Voting is under way on this quite exciting election.

It’s only a couple of hours in to the election, and there is excitement in the air.

We could dare to hope that Tofu might win.

Why would it be a big deal if Tofu wins this election?
The answer is simple, Tofu represents the more liberal, and open point of view, and he has been working with AS-NS, a site that AVEN has vilified for the last few months, and many members of AVEN staff have left in protest at the way the management has treated the site.

He has also been on AVEN’s unwritten “shit list” for a very long time. As I mentioned in the last post AVEN has tried to ban him on a number of occasions, an he has been the recipient of at least two apologies for bans that were later decided to be unfair.   This really does feel similar to the whole trump election (something I am sure he will be very happy about being compared to). We really didn’t think he would have a chance. But though it is early days we at Ace Times really can’t hod our excitement in any longer.

We know he is only one moderator, BUT this may be a sign of the state of things to come. It may be a sign that the people of AVEN are sending a message to the establishment that harsh rules, and the unfair enforcement of them is something that people have had enough of.

Lets cross our fingers, and hope that this is the start of something positive for AVEN, and the whole Asexual community.

Good luck everyone… But we are going to find it hard to sleep now.. We have to wait a week, but I think we will know pretty much how things are going by Tuesday…

If anyone has any comments.. PLEASE contact us on the as-ns thread. HERE.

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