Election Fever Hits AVEN.

Well it’s been a while since the last one, and this one is as dramatic as they get.

The position up for grabs is for “Moderator for Announcements and Q&A Co-Mod: Campaigns” What ever that is… As you might be aware though it is less about were the candidates will moderate, but more about the influence they will have as far as voting on if people get those warning points some of us manage to collect so readily.

What makes this election some what special is the candidates. They really are at polar ends of the spectrum.

Ms. Maya the Bee, I think it is fair to say is on the far left of the field,
Yato God of Tofu, on the other hand is from the right.
Kyon. is errr… WHO?

The first bit of intrigue is that possibly the favorite for the post ‘And Peggy’ dropped out for reasons unknown, though it is possible that her age may have been an issue. We are not sure but some people have said that she is just 13 years old.

Now I have tried to contact Maya in order to ask her what she stands for but she has blocked my mails. So I can’t really get anything from her. It seems unfair some how that the only person we can really report anything on is Toffington. Yes Toffington, a nickname I gave him a long time ago, that he adopted while on AS-NS. Toffington has been an admin on AS-NS from its conception, and he has been a fantastic asset to AS-NS.

Now you might think “Hang on, you are being biased here”. My reply would be “Yeah, more than likely”…

You can read the Q&A for yourself. HERE

Here though are their opening statements. All pretty yawn worthy, but then what do you expect?

Ms. Maya the Bee said
Hello, I’m Maya. I’m 24 and advanced learner of Italian and Japanese. In addition to my interest in languages, I love all forms of fantasy (whether it be videogames, books, or anime) and also write some myself. Besides being on AVEN, I also have experience running a private forum.

I want to become a moderator to help give something back to this community. I have been a member for many years but have been mostly active since last October. I would seek to moderate fairly and impartially. I aim to be inclusive and not judgmental. I am able to be very dedicated to things I care about – as an example of this, my language skills are self taught. I am online a lot so AVEN moderation would easily fit into my schedule. I’m willing to examine things impartially to recognise if they follow the terms of service regardless of my personal feelings. I can also be compassionate however.

I believe that the Q and A forum is very important as it is likely the first forum many new members will come to, to find out more about asexuality. I think that it is a very important area for this reason and it’s important to make sure that it is a welcoming environment for all kinds of people. I’d like to join the moderation team for this forum to help ensure that things run smoothly and positively there. The announcements forum is also, as the main news area of the forum, and I hope to make sure there is no trouble there.

Kyon. said
Hi, I’m Kyon. You might remember me from such threads as “What are you listening to?/Post a Song” or “CAPS LOCK CLUB”. Or some other threads, like the one where I nominated myself for this.

I’ve been part of AVEN since 2011. Over the past five-and-a-half years, I’ve made a heap of friends, learned a lot about sexualities/genders/identities/loads of other stuff and also had a lot of fun.

But my lust for power can rest no longer. I’m ready to take things to the next level (like people in relationships do in movies when they want to get married or live together or whatever). I’ve got over a decade experience in moderating online forums and I’d like to offer this to AVEN. I’ve got the skills to pay the bills (depending how much the bills are, I guess).

Since I’ve been on AVEN, I’ve never been warned once. Not twice. Not three times. Not more times than that. Never. This either means I’m incredibly dull or I have a masterful grip of the rulebook. The only things I love more than the rules are pizza, bubble tea and sleeping (while dreaming about the rules).

I think I’m pretty sensible, mature (maybe I am incredibly dull) and just the right level of irritating. What more could you want in a mod? Furthermore, I have no offline friends and I don’t like leaving the house (especially when it’s hot or cold or sunny or rainy), so I’m online a lot. Like…a lot. Even if I’m not posting, I’ll still be here, just watching (not in a creepy way).

I’m going to step off my soapbox now and get to answering questions, because I’m already (fashionably) late and now I’m starting to feel silly.

Good luck to all my fellow combatants in this battle!

Yato God of Tofu said
Hello there, my name is Yato, otherwise known as Tofu God. I am that guy everyone knows, that changes their name way too much!

I have been on AVEN for over 2 wonderful years. I have decided to run for mod, because I feel that becoming a moderator will help lessen the biases in the community and put people’s minds at ease about how the back room is being handled fairly. I have seen far too many people feel singled out, myself included. I wanted to speak up for those people, and see if I can do anything to help them. I am willing to put in the work to make things a little bit better.

Moderation of Announcements, and Q & A forum sound like a great place to start off as a new mod. Since it is one of the first experiences new members will receive upon signing up. I hope to provide consistent, and clear information to new comers the best I can. To ensure they are set on the right path in the AVEN experience.

In the past, I have moderated small forums for videogame communities. I had to deal with organizing, deleting, and moving threads to more suitable sections. I have also taken part in building other websites, know a lot about online security, and dealing with troublesome people.

As for myself, I am a 27 year old Aromantic Asexual. I have a ton of life experience, and willing to share that wisdom with everyone. I am a firm believer in diversity of thought. I do not take things personally, and very easy to get along with. I am a very meticulous person when it comes to working. I am very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, making me well suited for answering questions that people may have. I am a very quick learner. My only flaws, is that I am a fighter till the end. Some people might call that stubbornness, I call that being wrong.

I look forward to the election results, and many thanks for taking the time to read the thread and considering me as your candidate. Have a Good Avening!

Well there you have it…

There was some controversy surrounding the questions, as always. With quite a few posts getting chopped, and much was made of the fact Toffington has received a few warnings in his time, though people seem to forget, so has Maya. I think though Toffington has received more apologies because of bad modding decisions, than anyone in the history of AVEN.

While we here at Ace Times pride ourselves on being politically neutral, it is hard for us not to wish the underdog wins ( we will let you decide who we think that person is ).

Voting starts today (at some point).. We will keep you posted..

Stay tuned to Ace Times for the election coverage.


AVEN doesn’t seem to like our election coverage, as they removed my status update linking to this article. We just report, you decide (who has no sense of humour).

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