1500 Shades of Grumpy Cat

We have featured Ruru’s amazing creation before here on Ace Times, and we love it so much we will be giving her, her own section on the revamped site.

AS-NS regular @Ruru has been writing her very unique stories now every week without fail since the inception of the site.

50 Shades of Grumpy Cat, is not exactly fully ACE/ARO friendly. They are naughty,  raunchy, and filled with what seems like the plot from a Jeremy Kyle show.

We talked to Ruru about how she came up with the whole thing, and she told us that the idea just came to her. As far as we know, and she knows, it is a completely new art form. We asked us how she writes the stories, “They kind of write themselves”, “I base the stories round the memes, and they just come together”.

Well it’s the 30th episode, and AS-NS (you know *THAT* forum) has dedicated a whole category to Ruru, and these amazing meme stories.

If you want to keep up with the continuing adventures, just sign up to AS-NS HERE

You can see the 30th Edition HERE

You can read them all HERE

We cannot thank Ruru enough for staying with us, and putting so much effort in to keeping us laughing so much for so long.

On Behalf of all of us at Ace Times, and Ruru fans everywhere THANK YOU SO MUCH, AND HAPPY 30th EDITION!!!!!


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