HAPY BIRF DAY Diamund ay’s ov hartz.

Hapy berf dey to diemund !!!! & OTHER NEWS.

All of us here at Ace Times wish our amazing Englishificationist, who makes sure all our stories end up being as true to how English should be written as is humanly possible. He also helps in a big way by keeping us as politically neutral as can be. So please raise your glasses, and help your self to some cake and wish @Diamond Ace of Hearts a hearty and very happy birthday…

Perhaps there is no better present than to announce that normal service will be resuming. Lord Grep is back, and Andy is moving in to the management roll, so we should be here, and there won’t be a single point of failure as before. Yup I did just call Grep a single point of failure.

I want to say a very big thank you to those who wrote such kind words, and sent me so many good wishes. I can’t thank you enough. Really they did make a difference and dragged me back here much quicker than I think had I not seen them. A sincere a heartfelt thank you. So Business as usual to follow.

Enough of me….. Happy B-Day Diamond.. I hope you have a great day, and a big big thank you for your input here. I am very grateful for your input, and your help. We wouldn’t be any where near as good without you. You might not be able to polish a turd, but at least you can make sure it has a comma after it, and make my writing look like I know where all the funny dots ‘n’ shit goes.

So Much YAYs to you.. Happy bIrf dayz.

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  1. ‘appy Birthday Diamond!!

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