Appreciate All the Greps!!!!

Ace Times 2.0:

Lord Grep, the great ruler of Greptopia, joined AVEN in November of 2016. Since then he’s been very active in threads such as the banning game and the massive wtf corner. Today, on AVEN, (21/4/17) his current content count sits steady at 1251.

Grep’s desire to aid the asexual community’s visibility has lead him to create AS-NS (which allows asexuals to communicate a broader range of topics with less strict limitations) and the online publication; Ace Times, which is a provider of asexual news and information, run by a small team of asexuals (including himself).

We here at Ace Times would like to show our appreciation for Lord Grep, not just for what he has done for us in the Ace Community, but for who he is as a person.

During Grep’s absence, our team have kindly asked a few members of the Asexual community why they appreciate Grep, here’s what each of them said:

I appreciate Grep because he was willing to start a news source for the AVEN community… and he is awesome overall

Terrance Barnes
I appreciate his true & euphoric appreciate of ambient, weird, delicious & high replay value music. It makes life feel better. I also appreciate his crazy energy; it’s the best kind of crazy. He can create new words any time he wants to.

Lord Grep, you are an amazing person! Welcome back to the internet!

I hope you continue to get better! And I wish you happiness!

grep is an actually good version of the search command that actually searches for what you want, so grep is great for that. windows search is just awful when you compare it to grep, really, or even any version of search.

Diamond Ace of Hearts
Umm… I guess I appreciate Lord Grep because he has a sense of humour. I don’t just mean he’s funny, I mean he knows when something is a joke. It’s a rare quality on the internet these days to find someone who can read something that might be offensive and not immediately be offended by it. I think that ability to take a joke in the spirit it was intended and a sense of fairness have been behind a lot of the work that’s gone into as-ns and Ace Times. The dude puts some serious work into promoting honesty through the ability to have a laugh; two things which are always worth a bit of effort. Finally of course, he graciously accepted my offer of help with Ace Times. It may not be the biggest deal to many people but I certainly appreciate it.

I have known Lord Grep from AVEN for some time now.  He is an absolute legend!  Grep… I hope you get better soon – the Stunt Pigeons are getting restless and want to know how you’re doing!

Joe Parrish
I appreciate his promotion of openness among human beings in a time when people want to divide and isolate.

Andy Ace
Grep is extremely friendly and kind. He works hard to give Asexuals a voice in a world where we’re almost too small to be heard and he’s more than happy to pay whatever price it cost to do that.

I mean literally. He put his own hard earned money towards it.

Grep, is super fun to talk to. One of the few people I’ve gotten to know reasonably well on AS-NS and on AVEN.

I’m not afraid to speak honestly with him, as he’s very open minded and accepting.

Hope he’s well and comes back soon. AVEN and AS-NS isn’t the same without him. It’s awful to be frank with you.

Tofu God
Grep is a wonderful and motivated person, who has been a great friend. I really appreciate his company, and all the work he has put into I hope he feels better, so we can go back to shitposting.

thanks to those who responded so quickly, feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to express why you have appreciation for the ruler of Greptopia.

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The Greptopian people are in a long standing feud with the so-called “Queen” of Apastan who declares herself Queen and ruler of all. Lord Grep REFUSES to offer fealty to this “Queen”, and thus the people of Greptopia are now raising an army to reinforce the sovereign nation of Greptopia…

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