GOOD NEWS!!! AVEN is Fixed!

Popular asexual website and forum AVEN experienced sporadic outages from March 21st to March  22nd. All has been well since.

The GOOD NEWS!!!! Is that it should be just fine for a good while to come. While we do not know for sure, we think – reading between the lines of an email we received – that AVEN had something of a software fault. So the usual “swift application of engineers boot” was on this occasion not required.

This is the message we got back from AVEN’s nice press people:

email from AVEN

Thanks for making contact. Our tech team have made a suitable upgrade
to the software and believe this problem will not happen again. Thanks
for your suggestion about having a central place to notify about tech
problems. We’ll look into this.

If the site is down for an extended period, we use the backup board.

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