The Independent Likes Talking About Asexuality & They Are Good At It !!!

Three – yes, THREE – articles about asexuality from the online version of the independent. And we like them. A lot.

Well it seems that AVEN has been busy spreading the word about asexuality far and wide. It’s often difficult as a forum user to really tell what is going on behind the scenes, but someone has been busy that’s for sure.

The Independent article HERE, seems be a much more in depth than the Huffington Post article we talked about earlier HERE.

It has to be said that the article seems really positive, and here at the Ace Times we can’t really find fault. So the Independent could get its self a thumbs up. HOWEVER….

There’s so much more. In the article is a link that will make one AVEN user giddy, for it leads to an article that leads with a picture of the BBCs “Sherlock”.

Sherlock Holmes, as played by Benedict Cumberbatch, was asexual Hartswood Films/REX

THIS Article – “Asexuality: One per cent of Britons ‘have never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all'” – as well as making AVENite @Sherlocks the happiest bunny of spring,  also puts forward results of a study from Glasgow University that shows that a large portion of asexuals are actively in relationships, something that many forum users might find surprising.

Also we find that Joe Parrish (known for being the first openly asexual candidate for the US House of Representatives) has a British counterpart. George Norman is the first openly asexual Parliamentary candidate in the UK.

Oh and that statistic of 1% is mentioned again and again. I am not sure of the source, but the claim is that 1% of the population is asexual. Are we the 1% that people protest against? Those “1%ers”? Are asexuals loaded?

And this is followed up with yet another article (HERE) “Asexuality: when life isn’t all about sex.” This article begins, “Research suggests 1% of the population (more women than men) are asexual. But the majority of people may view asexuality more negatively than other sexual minorities, and it has been identified as a ‘sexual disorder’ in the past.”

We also get the now-obligatory picture of Mr Cumberbatch as the detective who roams AVEN, and then I have to say one of the best articles written on asexuality and its place in society that I have read to date.  VERY much worth the time to read it.

So all in all that’s 3 VERY well deserved thumbs up 👍👍👍

For your convenience, here are the links to the three articles again:

‘I’ve never felt romantic attraction’: What it is like to identify as asexual

Asexuality: One per cent of Britons ‘have never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all’

Asexuality: when life isn’t all about sex


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  1. hmmmm… the first two Independent articles seemed a bit confused about the difference between romantic and sexual orientation/attraction. The third was much clearer on the distinction.

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